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I’m laura Y dungan.

I am delighted to begin this work with you! Tapping into one’s power has been a life-long subject and practice for me personally and professionally, and I am ready to accompany you through your own unique process of discovering your inner truth (or re-discovering it or figuring out how to give it “staying power.”) I can help bring your magnificent presence more into the world!


For over 30-years I’ve worked with all kinds of people in all kinds of places. Practicing and exercising my own voice and taking risks has been central for me. Taking this into an interior space to bring meaning into my outer world brought me into certifying in VIT​​​A™ Coaching Method (Vital Integrative Tantric Approach). I work with people who are in some kind of major life Transition (ie: giving birth, career re-creation, menopause, partnering, grief & loss, aging, or just plain living.), Empowerment, and Sexual Recovery. Bringing the body, mind, and spirit together is necessary at a time like we are living in now.


I’m ready to receive YOU if you are seeking a deeper, more whole and centered life as you navigate these times. Healing, new possibilities, and potentialities are available to you, and I would be honored to walk with you and be a guide through your process.

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An Invitation

For more information, send your inquiry below for a free 30-minute call and I can answer questions, get a sense of what you are looking for in a coaching relationship, give you pricing and see if it is a good match!  I look forward to getting your first session booked and on the calendar!

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What We Will Do Together

Personal Maps & Soul Navigation

You will identify where you currently are in your Life and name the things that you want to work on. We’ll spend time exploring your own personal maps and give you ways to create new maps to chart your course and allow your soul-self to become the navigator.

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Stepping into your power place of being in command of your voyage and the vessel, which is your life, requires naming, owning, and embracing your vulnerabilities. To be in charge means to really know yourself and be able to touch the things that scare you. To take full command, you will deep dive into your body, pleasure, and desire that will bring your full power and captaincy


Storms of LIfe

Learning how to weather through traumas, route around, dive under or sail over obstacles, and just deal with what Life throws you, gives you powers that come when you are anchored in yourself. Having a calm and attuned nervous system will give you a true internal sense of safety and allow you to move through any situation with grace, fierceness, joy, truth-telling, and creativity…whatever may be  required in the moment.

Buried Treasure

Discovering the gifts that you are uniquely meant to bring to the world can become hidden and illusive as time goes on. Or, maybe you’re at the beginning of your journey and want to grasp the qualities, characteristics, ways of being (all the ways of being), that are unique and authentic to you. Or, maybe it’s time to change it up? You decide.


What People are Saying

"Laura has the ability to see the possibilities in every human being she encounters. She listens to me well and always asks the right questions to help me discover more possibilities and encourage my abilities.  What makes Laura exceptional is her passion for justice and the desire to create change."

Emira Chavira Chaparro, Co-Founder of The Seed House - La Casa de la Semilla, Paraprofessional USD 259



*Available for in-person and Zoom sessions

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