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More About Laura

I’ve been in the field of community organizing most of my adult life and have always been drawn to the deeply unique nature of each human being, falling in love with what I sense there, and draw out the vibrant spirit that lives in each person. I’ve been a social entrepreneur for more than 30-years in the nonprofit world and have focused on creating systemic change and focusing collective voices. As I have witnessed my fellow change agents, activists, and community leaders, I’ve seen both the liberation of discovering one’s voice and the heaviness of a person bearing (and often alone) the heaviness born from personal and generational trauma. 


Along with this work over the decades, I’ve birthed and raised three sons (and am now a grandmother!) alongside a beloved life-long partner. A musician, journaler, and lover of dogs, I’ve cultivated many activities and associations in my life that keep me human and grounded. 

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